Benefit from our continuous high speed reporting.


Use our dashboards to analyse your complex company-related data in order to prioritise processes and to derive further recommendations for action.

Process Prioritization


Nothing changes by measurements alone - the employees need to know exactly what to improve.

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand


By making the strengths of your competitors your own you are substantially improving your market position.

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Customer Segmentation


A value-based customer segmentation is important to understand your current customer base and ensure a successful customer strategy.

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Certified Security:

ISO Certification

Information security management system according to ISO 27001
maix analytics ensures relevant, accurate and targeted data and analytics to maximize your company’s profitability and growth potential.

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Customer Strategy

For years customer orientation has dominated the thoughts and conversations of every trade. Nevertheless, many companies are still at an early stage in terms of their customer strategy. With our help and experience, your business can ensure that the desired customer experience is clearly defined and an integral part of your business philosophy.

What we do

We offer a variety of services to maximize your business success, including feedback systems with real-time feedback, a digital analytics tool (MAIX Dashboard) for interactive presentation of data and survey results, and personalized business consulting.


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