In a world where big data is hyped, all data is digitally accessible and data sources are endless. Using your data in the most efficient and streamlined way will keep you competitive. This is the core of “analytics”.

At maix analytics we work with the integration and optimization of data usage across all sources. We see great untapped potential in integrating data and making it accessible to ensure that all employees have access to the relevant information at the right time.

Transparent business intelligence

We do not believe that the solution to this problem can be found in large Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Instead, we find the solution in transparent processes that provide employees with relevant information sent to their phone the very second the customer enters the branch.

Exploit all data sources

The amount of data is infinitely large. You can take them from your own surveys, CRM systems, sales statistics or social networks. With so much data available, the key to their successful use is to focus your analytics in a way that conclusions remain relevant and transparent.

Sales modelling

One of the obvious ways in which companies can evaluate their data is by foresightedly analyzing their sales or financial statements. In these sales models, we typically use machine learning, advanced statistics, and econometrics to predict sales and hereby deduce the most important drivers.

Data visualization

One of the core competencies is to create transparency about the process. Therefore, we always visualize the result in a simple and understandable way. One tool could be a GIS tool that uses geodata to visualize the company’s financial potential across all postcodes in the sales territory. Or, as shown in the German example below, your company’s market shares in certain postcodes.

customer analytics

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