Many analyzes lose their relevance if they are not based on a strong foundation. The focus of every investigation should therefore be the added value or benefit you create for your customers.

A strong customer value proposition defines your promise to the customer, i.e. which benefit the purchase decision will actually deliver for the customer. Without a clearly defined customer value proposition of your company, we cannot define the differentiated growth drivers.

As a first step we at maix analytics always take a step back to have deeper discussions with customers, stakeholders and employees. Where daily conversations often focuse on price, we talk about a broader basis for added value and potential areas for improvement. Our analyzes focus on the values ​​and benefits that you can give to your customers.

Some of the topics included in a clearly defined Customer Value Proposition are listed below:

  • What is the core of your company’s performance?
  • What makes your company unique?
  • Why do customers choose to buy your company’s products? What do they miss out on, if they choose the competition?
  • What are the associated costs for the customers?
  • What are the main areas of improvement in the eyes of your customers?

In order to fully understand the value-adding parameters, we carry out in-depth interviews, focus groups and workshops. This ensures that both the ideal and differentiating customer perception as well as the underlying drivers are described.

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