According to Harvard Business Review, combining and integrating data can increase a company’s productivity by 5-6%1. HR Analytics therefore increases the informational value of an employee survey by combining and integrating data from different sources. This lets HR managers document the direct effect of their work.

Most companies continuously collect significant amounts of valuable information, but often without optimal use. The possibilities of linkage analyses can significantly increase the value of an employee survey.

Companies invest large sums in recruiting, developing and retaining skilled employees. The problem is not that companies do not invest in their employees, but that the revenue of these investments cannot be measured, at least not correctly.

A linkage analysis integrates relevant data from sources other than the employee survey, making the correlation between investment and revenue more apparent and creating a clearer basis for decision making. As a result, companies can make faster, better decisions based on facts rather than intuition.

1. “Making advanced analytics work for you”, Harvard Business Review, October 2012, Volume 90, Number 10, pp. 78-83.
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