The Employee Engagement Survey by maix analytics enables HR to allocate resources where they create the most value. The processes are organized in a way that they release management resources and simultaneously ensure a high level of employee involvement.

Scope and conduct of an employee study have a significant impact on the number of responses and their validity. To gain a high level of engagement, employees need to be integrated and honest because they trust in the process and realize that their participation can actually help to change things for the better.

Figure 1: Tasks for the department head

The head of department ensures that the right employees are invited to the survey. They must be willing to answer questions about the survey and its underlying objectives.

The results are subsequently discussed by staff, who then set goals for the department and implement initiatives that contribute to greater well-being and a better working atmosphere.

The steps at a glance:

Employee Engagement Survey 1


Figure 2: Tasks for management and HR

The head of departments need the support of the management to carry out the study. The fact that management and HR can delegate tasks to department heads releases resources that can be used for higher-level goals, such as maintaining talent, reducing stress, sick leave, and employee dissatisfaction.

The steps at a glance:

Employee Engagement Survey 2

By following the steps on both wheels, you ensure that knowledge is passed on to the right people. In this way, you equip every employee and department manager in your company with the ideal conditions to implement changes and gain a noticeable profit from the investment.

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