The Frontline Pulse Survey is a tool to test the “state of things” after an employee survey has been completed. By concentrating especially on employees with customer contact, you gain important knowledge not only about your staff but also about your customers. By responding to the answers of your employees, you create a better customer experience and ensure greater employee engagement.

A Frontline Pulse Survey allows the human resources department to ask direct questions to employees with daily customer contact. They can track past employee satisfaction initiatives and find out more about the employees’ attitudes to their department.

We often see a big gap in the well-being of employees of different departments. Even if you measure a high overall average, some parts of the department may score low. The following example shows how an average is pulled up by a high degree of management engagement, while employees who are in contact with customers have very different perceptions.

Figure 1: Employees with customer contact have the lowest engagement.
Figure 1: Employees with customer contact (the “Frontline”) have the lowest engagement.

Frontline Pulse Surveys give HR significant and highly valuable knowledge of the state of things in each department. This allows a rapid adaptation of strategies based on the study results. With this flexibility, you not only make employees happier, they also create the desired customer experience.

With the help of the Frontline Pulse study, you can achieve the following:

  • Continuous measurement of th engagement of frontline employees
  • Updates on whether previous initiatives achieved the desired effect
  • Targeting of initiatives and questions to the relevant employees
  • A link between the survey results and the customer experience in the department
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