Having effective customer experience management means that the customer experience is the central focus of your business and you continuously measure customer feedback.

General customer feedback is typically used for continuous strategic business development. Beyond this, the challenge is to design differentiated customer experiences based on an ideal goal and then to review how aligned the company is with these customer experiences.

maix analytics has the following priorities and recommendations regarding the design and management of customer experiences:

  • The secret of the customer experience is continuous strategic development. In order to exploit its potential, employees with customer contact must realize the best possible customer contacts.
  • Analyze your value chain and limit surveys to the most important issues – the relationship, the transaction or the process.
  • Results should be as accessible as possible. It is crucial that all employees with customer contact know what their customers think and feel.
  • Focus on the true, unadulterated opinions of customers and how you can actively influence them, rather than on the overall score.

Customer Experience Management

At maix analytics we are convinced that transparency is an essential aspect of customer experience management. This means ensuring that all employees in the company receive customer feedback.

Transparency is created by the following actions:

  • Employees with customer contact approve the customers to be contacted and / or participate in the selection of customers to contact.
  • Feedback is received immediately and simple rules of action are set up regarding what to do and on which levels.
  • All responses are forwarded to the right employee, not just the negative ones.

This can be achieved, for example, by the employees receiving the survey results of their customers directly on the smartphone.


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