It is essential to evaluate and track the performance of your brand compared to the competition.

In order to do so, we map two dimensions of your brand drivers:

  • The most effective driver for your customers: this can be measured in many different ways. However, we often find a difference between what customers call important and what really drives customer loyalty. We use statistical methods to highlight the importance of each driver.
  • Performance in relation to the competition: Is every single driver a weakness or a strength?

Prioritization of brand drivers

By identifying and examining all drivers, we are able to categorize them into four segments and give precise recommendations for action:

  • Differentiators: The core of your business and the reason why your customers choose you. As you move forward, be sure to maintain your lead on these and to capture their full potential.
  • Over-investing: Very high performance with little importance. The question is whether you invest too much in these areas. Use these drivers as differentiation and let them remain strong, but be aware that some areas are not as important as others.
  • Improve: These drivers are the reason some customers choose your competitors and not you. Improve these critical cases of high importance and poor customer perceptions.
  • Demand fulfilled: These areas may not perform the best. However, the demand for them is already fulfilled. Such areas of minor importance should rather not be your focus.

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