Advertising impact research ensures that advertising is effective and reaches the target audience. Was the customer able to link the ad to the brand, and has it increased purchasing interest?

When we evaluate advertising campaigns, we look at a variety of factors:

  • Effect
  • Unprompted understanding of the message
  • Liking
  • Attitude
  • Relevance
  • Purchase intention

Our analytics system will evaluate your advertising efforts and make recommendations on how to increase the return on your marketing investment.

However, we not only build on quantitative dimensions, but also on a qualitative approach. We are working with a number of open questions that test the communication strategy and provide relevant insights for improvement.

Tracking marketing investments

Our tracking system gives advertisers the ability to quickly control and optimize their marketing investment.

We monitor, if the advertising strategy;

  • gets through to the customer
  • communicates the most important messages about the brand and the product
  • is linking the message to the right audience, so that the brand is positioned and customer relationships are strengthened.

This will allow you to answer the following questions:

  • Is our budget too small or too big?
  • Has our budget been optimally shared between different media?
  • Which strategy is most effective – continual, flighting or bursts?
  • Should we combine different advertising measures or run one at a time?
  • Does our message reach the target audience?
  • Are we communicating our brand effectively or are we creating unspecific advertising?
  • How effective is the advertising of our competition?
  • When will our advertising campaign wear out?
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