Complex market structures and tough competition make well informed decision processes a necessity. We help you to make the right decisions by combining current knowledge and market analysis.

In the example below, a B2B IT provider approached us. He needed help prioritizing his scarce resources.

Case study

Our client was looking for organic growth of its existing customer base, which consisted of many different customer types.

While the goal was clear, the pathway was not. Our job was to analyze the market, identify priorities, and point out the key areas for improvement.

The various groups of suppliers and end users had a wide range of needs – combinations of hardware, service and consultancy jobs.

Data-driven decision making

Our approach is to examine the full market potential of our client. By finding and / or generating all the relevant data and combining them, we get an overview of the factors:

  • Penetration rate: How well are we represented within each segment?
  • Share of Wallet: How much of their budget do customers spend with us?

If both of the above metrics ​​were raised to realistic limits, what would be the potential of each segment

Our findings secure decisions that can focus resources of employees and services/products on the right priorities. Make the most of your market potential!

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