Are you annoyed about some bad reviews on the internet? We help you to improve your rating!

Online assessment platforms for doctors are diverse. Surely you have already discovered your profile on Jameda, Sanego and Co., without having registered there? However, Google reviews do still have the greatest audience – they are usually the first thing patients see when they come across your practice on the internet.

The rule of thumb “Satisfied patients ensure good online ratings” is, helas, usually not the case. More often than not it is precisely the few dissatisfied patients who want to give vent to their anger through a bad review on the internet. We show you how to easily increase the number of positive reviews to get an overall rating that is representative and fair.

Our Patient Feedback Programme allows you or your receptionist to invite patients via e-mail to a quick online survey after their treatment. At the end of the questionnaire, satisfied patients will be directed to the Google review page of your practice.

The key here is our maix analytics Dashboard, which clearly displays all information concerning the survey results. This will give you a comprehensive insight into the satisfaction and loyalty of your patients and give you the tools to improve them. Particularly dissatisfied patients are presented separately as an “alert”. You then have the opportunity to pursue these issues; for example, by contacting the patients to solve potential problems.

patient feedback programme image


Dr. Ralf Zacharias:

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