Through a customer feedback programme, we provide your frontline employees with relevant data. Periodically raised, these enable your employees to significantly improve customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and detailed service.

Best practice:

  1. Keept it simple

In our online analysis tool (Dashboard), the key performance indicators (KPI) are presented in a way that is clear and easy to understand. We distinguish between global indicators, such as general customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as operational indicators for the improvement of details, such as arrangement of appointments or the quality of the customer advisory.

  1. Customer feedback in real time

Our software allows customers to be invited via e-mail for a quick survey. The results are then automatically loaded into the dashboard – and trigger an altert e-mail to the consultant if necessary. This enables you to identify achievements, automatically defuse negative reviews, and identify opportunities for improvement.

customer feedback programme


  1. Promote personal responsibility of your employees, create self-driven success

The accurate and continuous feedback promotes a sense of ownership among your employees. By customizing the feedback, you motivate the consultants and employees with customer contact to improve customer satisfaction.