If a customer strategy is to be successful, the focus must amongst others be on the different customer segments. Customer segmentation is therefore essential to understand your current customer portfolio and to implement a successful customer strategy.

Many companies try to prioritize too many customer groups at the same time – and invest too little in others or have no prioritization at all. The result is a sub-optimal distribution of resources and a neglect of potential customers.

img customer segmentation

Our most widely used segmentation model covers total customer value – revenue, gross profit, and cost-to-serve – to prioritize customers and offers. In this way, we enable a targeted customer strategy that is relevant to the individual customer segment.

A clear segmentation of your current customer base allows you to effectively allocate resources, thereby answering the following questions:

  • How many contacts with our company should every customer have? At what time interval?
  • What specialization should employees with customer contact have?
  • Which customer should receive which offer?
  • What do we want to deliver for each segment?
  • Which services do we assign to which segment?