How the market perceives your brand determines which areas of your business you should focus on the most. maix analytics helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your brand in relation to the competition. By making the strengths of your competitors your own you will improve your market position enormously.

Your brand is your identity. It is crucial to your success. Therefore, you need to be able to see and monitor the performance of your brand compared to the competition. maix analytics shows you where you stand compared to the competition.

To do this, we identify two dimensions of the different drivers of your brand:

  • Effect on behavior: How important is the respective driver for the behaviour of your customers? This can be investigated in many ways. But there is a big difference between what people call important and what is really important to them. We use reliable, statistical methods to highlight the true importance of each driver.
  • Performance in relation to your competition: How good are you compared to the competition? Which driver is a strength and which is a weakness?

Identification of brand drivers

By identifying and examining all drivers, we can divide them into four categories and give precise recommendations on what to do:

  • ADAPT: Drivers with high assesments and limited effect on satisfaction and loyalty. Focus ressources elsewhere to obtain a higher improvement on overall satisfaction.
  • OBSERVE: Drivers with low assements and limited effect on satisfaction and loyalty. Further decrease in driver assements may hurt overall satisfaction.
  • MAINTAIN: Drivers with high assesments and significant impact on satisfaction and loyalty. Maintain or improve your strengths in order to keep your customers satisfied.
  • PRIORITIZE: Drivers with low assesments and significant impact on satisfaction and loyalty. Prioritizing these areas will results in the biggest improvement in overall satisfaction.


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